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A map of human genome variation from population-scale sequencing

David Altshuler, Richard M Durbin, Goncalo R Abecasis, David R Bentley, Aravinda Chakravarti, Andrew G Clark, Francis S Collins, Francisco M De la Vega, Peter Donnelly, Michael Egholm, Paul Flicek, Stacey B Gabriel, Richard A Gibbs, Bartha M Knoppers, Eric S Lander, Hans Lehrach, Elaine R Mardis, Gil A McVean, DebbieA Nickerson, Leena Peltonen Show all

Nature | NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP | Published : 2010


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Funding Acknowledgements

We thank many people who contributed to this project: K. Beal, S. Fitzgerald, G. Cochrane, V. Silventoinen, P. Jokinen, E. Birney and J. Ahringer for comments on the manuscript; T. Hunkapiller and Q. Doan for their advice and coordination; N. Kalin, F. Laplace, J. Wilde, S. Paturej, I. Kuhndahl, J. Knight, C. Kodira and M. Boehnke for valuable discussions; Z. Cheng, S. Sajjadian and F. Hormozdiari for assistance in managing data sets; and D. Leja for help with the figures. We thank the Yoruba in Ibadan, Nigeria, the Han Chinese in Beijing, China, the Japanese in Tokyo, Japan, the Utah CEPH community, the Luhya in Webuye, Kenya, the Toscani in Italia, and the Chinese in Denver, Colorado, for contributing samples for research. This research was supported in part by Wellcome Trust grants WT089088/Z/09/Z to R. M. D.; WT085532AIA to P. F.; WT086084/Z/08/Z to G. A. M.; WT081407/Z/06/Z to J. S. K.; WT075491/Z/04 to G. L.; WT077009 to C.T.-S.; Medical Research Council grant G0801823 to J. L. M.; British Heart Foundation grant RG/09/012/28096 to C. A.; The Leverhulme Trust and EPSRC studentships to L. M. and A. T.; the Louis-Jeantet Foundation and Swiss National Science Foundation in support of E. T. D. and S. B. M.; NGI/EBI fellowship 050-72-436 to K.Y.; a National Basic Research Program of China (973 program no. 2011CB809200); the National Natural Science Foundation of China (30725008, 30890032, 30811130531, 30221004); the Chinese 863 program (2006AA02Z177, 2006AA02Z334, 2006AA02A302, 2009AA022707); the Shenzhen Municipal Government of China (grants JC200903190767A, JC200903190772A, ZYC200903240076A, CXB200903110066A, ZYC200903240077A, ZYC200903240076A and ZYC200903240080A); the Ole Romer grant from the Danish Natural Science Research Council; an Emmy Noether Fellowship of the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) to J.O.K.; BMBF grant 01GS08201; BMBF grant PREDICT 0315428A to R. H.; BMBF NGFN PLUS and EU 6th framework READNA to S. S.; EU 7th framework 242257 to A. V. S.; the Max Planck Society; a grant from Genome Quebec and the Ministry of Economic Development, Innovation and Trade, PSR-SIIRI-195 to P. A.; the Intramural Research Program of the NIH; the National Library of Medicine; the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences; and NIH grants P41HG4221 and U01HG5209 to C. L.; P41HG4222 to J. S.; R01GM59290 to L. B. J. and M. A. B.; R01GM72861 to M. P.; R01HG2651 and R01MH84698 to G. R. A.; U01HG5214 to G. R. A. and A. C.; P01HG4120 to E. E. E.; U54HG2750 to D. L. A.; U54HG2757 to A. C.; U01HG5210 to D. C.; U01HG5208 to M. J. D.; U01HG5211 to R. A. G.; R01HG3698, R01HG4719 and RC2HG5552 to G. T. M.; R01HG3229 to C. D. B. and A. G. C.; P50HG2357 to M. S.; R01HG4960 to B. L. B; P41HG2371 and U41HG4568 to D. H.; R01HG4333 to A. M. L.; U54HG3273 to R. A. G.; U54HG3067 to E. S. L.; U54HG3079 to R. K. W.; N01HG62088 to the Coriell Institute; S10RR025056 to the Translational Genomics Research Institute; Al Williams Professorship funds for M. B. G.; the BWF and Packard Foundation support for P. C. S.; the Pew Charitable Trusts support for G. R. A.; and an NSF Minority Postdoctoral Fellowship in support of R. D. H. E. E. E. is an HHMI investigator, M. P. is an HHMI Early Career Scientist, and D. M. A. is Distinguished Clinical Scholar of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.