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Detection of experimental carotid ulceration by radionucleotide labelled particles.

GA Donnan, WJ McKay, DP Thomas, PF Bladin

Clinical and Experimental Neurology | Published : 1978


An animal model has been set up to study the adherence of various radionucleotide particles to experimental carotid ulcers. 6 animals were used in all, 4 dogs and 2 sheep. Carotid angiography was performed in 2 animals and in 1 of these the conventional mode of angiography failed to detect the carotid ulcer. Intra-arterial injection of technetium labelled macroaggregates in both of these cases showed the position of the lesion in vitro. In the remaining 4 cases, intravenous radionucleotide 99m technetium labelled pyrophosphate was used and in all cases in vitro the position of the experimental carotid ulceration was revealed. Our studies show that both technetium labelled macroaggregates and..

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