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Smoking as a risk factor for cerebral ischaemia.

GA Donnan, JJ McNeil, MA Adena, AE Doyle, HM O'Malley, GC Neill

The Lancet | Published : 1989


To assess whether a rigorous clinical classification, based on computerised tomography, of patients with cerebral ischaemia would identify subgroups at higher or lower risk with respect to cigarette smoking habits, a case-control study was carried out on 422 cases of first-episode cerebral ischaemia matched for age and sex with 422 community-based neighbourhood controls. Patients with ischaemic stroke due to extracranial or intracranial vascular disease were at higher risk from smoking than has previously been reported for stroke (relative risk 5.7, 95% confidence interval 2.8, 12.0) whereas those with stroke due to cardiac emboli had no excess risk associated with smoking (relative risk 0.4..

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