Conference Proceedings

WHP/ISBRA study on state and trait markers in alcoholism.

B Tabakoff, A Helander, KM Conigrave, L Martinez, PL Hoffman, J Whitfield, L Degenhardt, J Saunders, A Barón, J Glanz, undefined Members of WHO/ISBRA Study Group

Alcoholism Clinical and Experimental Research | Published : 2001


This article represents the proceedings of a symposium at the 2000 ISBRA Meeting in Yokohama, Japan. The chair was Boris Tabakoff. The presentations were (1) Overview of the WHO/ISBRA study on state and trait markers in alcoholism, by Boris Tabakoff; (2) Biochemical markers of acute and chronic drinking: Results of the WHO/ISBRA study, by Anders Helander; (3) The impact of country of recruitment and body mass index on biological marker dose-response curves in the WHO/ISBRA Study, by Kate M. Conigrave; (4) Relationship of body water to carbohydrate-deficient transferrin measures, by Larry Martinez; and (5) Platelet adenylyl cyclase activity as a trait marker of alcohol dependence, by Paula L...

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