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Biochemical systematics of the Australian dotterels and plovers (Charadriiformes: Charadriidae)

PD Christian, L Christidis, R Schodde

Australian Journal of Zoology | Published : 1992


Allozyme variation at 38 presumptive protein loci was examined among seven Australian breeding and four migratory species of plovers, dotterels and lapwings (Charadriidae). Using the silver gull (Laridae), Australian pratincole (Glareolidae) and bush stone-curlew (Burhinidae) as outgroups, phenetic and cladistic analyses consistently identified four major clusters within the species examined. The first comprised the oriental plover, Charadrius veredus, the double-banded plover, C bicinctus, the red-capped plover, C. ruficapillus and the Mongolian plover, C. mongolus, together with the inland dotterel, Peltohyas australis. The second cluster contained the hooded plover, C. rubricollis and the..

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