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Evolutionary relationships of the Australasian Mud-nesters (Grallinidae, Corcoracidae): Immunological evidence

PR Baverstock, R Schodde, L Christidis, M Krieg, J Birrell

Australian Journal of Zoology | Published : 1992


The phylogenetic relationships of the genera of Australasian mud-nesters (Corcorax, Struthidea and Grallina) were examined by microcomplement fixation, and the results compared with morphological and DNA-DNA hybridisation data. There was general corroboration among all data sets such that (1) Corcorax and Struthidea were well-diverged members of a single lineage related to corvoids, and (2) Grallina comprised two species (Australian G. cyanoleuca and New Guinean G. bruijni) closely allied to Myiagra among the monarch flycatchers (Monarchidae). The immunological data also indicated that Corcorax and Struthidea were closer to Corvus (Corvinae) than to some other members of that subfamily ident..

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