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Relationships and radiations in the meliphagine honey eaters, meliphaga, lichenostomus and xanthotis (Aves: Meliphagidae): Protein evidence and its integration with morphology and ecogeography

L Christidis, R Schodde

Australian Journal of Zoology | Published : 1993


Protein electrophoresis was carried out on 32 of the c. 40 species of meliphagine honeyeaters and integrated with external morphology and ecogeography to clarify component lineages and their inter-relationships. Three primary lineages were identified, corroborating precisely the three controversial genera currently recognised in the Australo-Papuan region: (1) Lichenostomus with 20 species centred in Australian sclerophyllous habitats, (2) Meliphaga with 12 species in lowland New Guinean and Australian rainforests, and (3) Xanthotis with 3 species in Australo-Papuan rainforests. Except for the L. flavus-L. unicolor group, electrophoresis failed to corroborate consistently any of the morpholo..

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