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Impaired spermatogenesis in the finch hybrid L. castaneothorax by L. punctulata: transmission electron microscopy and genetic analysis.

MA Swan, L Christidis

Molecular Reproduction and Development | Published : 1987


As part of a project to determine whether there is any correlation between the form of hybrid sterility and the genetic relatedness of the parental species, we studied a male intrageneric hybrid between two finch species (Lonchura castaneothorax X L. punctulata), and compared the ultrastructural basis of hybrid sterility in this species with that reported by Swan [1985] for an intergeneric bird hybrid. In the latter study the sterility appeared to have an autoimmune basis, due to lack of Sertoli-Sertoli tight junctions. In the hybrid examined in the present study, lanthanum tracing showed that the junctions were tight. There was no testicular immune reaction; the parental species were almost..

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