Journal article

Extensive chromosomal repatterning in two congeneric species: Pytilia melba, L. and Pytilia phoenicoptera Swainson (Estrildidae; Aves).

L Christidis

Cytogenetic and Genome Research | Published : 1983


Chromosomal analysis of two species of African finches of the genus Pytilia has been carried out using both G- and C-banding. The karyotypes of these two species were found to differ radically, not only from each other, but also from those of other species in the family Estrildidae. The differences are due to paracentric and pericentric inversions and to tandem fusions. However, not all of the karyotypic differences can be explained by conventional mechanisms. These results are discussed in relation to the role of karyotypic rearrangement in avian evolution and the conversion of microchromosomes to macrochromosomes.

University of Melbourne Researchers