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Evolution and biogeography of the Australian grasswrens, Amytornis (Aves: Maluridae): Biochemical perspectives

L Christidis

Australian Journal of Zoology | Published : 1999


Allozymes at 35 presumptive loci were screened across 43 specimens representing seven of the eight currently recognised species of Australian grasswrens (Maluridae). The results identified an early divergence between the grey grasswren, Amytornis barbatus, and the remaining species examined. The patterns of genetic divergences between species of Amytornis examined suggest that the taxa occurring in central and western Australia diversified 100 000 years ago while those forms restricted to the rocky outcrop regions around the periphery of the continent diverged much earlier (some 2-3 million years ago). The Eyrean grasswren, A. goyderi, was part of an assemblage that included the thick-billed..

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