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Relationships within the Australo-Papuan fairy-wrens (Aves:Malurinae): An evaluation of the utility of allozyme data

L Christidis, R Schodde

Australian Journal of Zoology | Published : 1997


Allozyme variation at 39 presumptive loci was screened across 180 specimens representing 18 species of Australo-Papuan fairy-wrens (Maluridae). The results identified two major clusters within Malurus. One comprised M. cyaneus, M. splendens, M. coronatus, M. melanocephalus, M. leucopterus and M. alboscapulatus. The other comprisedM. lamberti, M. amabilis, M. pulcherrimus and M. elegans. M. grayi and M. cyanocephalus were variously associated with these two assemblages. Most analyses aligned Clytomias with Malurus relative to Stipiturus. The findings from the present study indicate that allozyme data are well suited to phylogenetic inference whether analysed as distances or as discrete charac..

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