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Biomechanical Testing of Two Devices for Internal Fixation of Fractured Ribs

Nicole Campbell, Martin Richardson, Phillip Antippa

The Journal of Trauma: Injury, Infection, and Critical Care | LIPPINCOTT WILLIAMS & WILKINS | Published : 2010


BACKGROUND: An intramedullary screw (Portland Orthopaedics, St. Clair, MI) and Inion (Tampere, Finland) Orthopaedic Trauma Plating System (OTPS) mesh for use for internal fixation of fractured ribs have not previously undergone biomechanical testing. The aim of this study is to compare the biomechanics of intact ribs undergoing four-point bending to the biomechanics of fractured ribs fixed with each of the two devices to determine which device provides superior fixation. STUDY: Thirty fresh-frozen porcine ribs (ribs 6-8) were submitted to four-point bending to failure, at a rate of 2.5 mm/min, to determine stiffness and force at failure. The ribs were then randomized to receive fixation with..

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