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Hlx homeo box gene is essential for an inductive tissue interaction that drives expansion of embryonic liver and gut

B Hentsch, I Lyons, RL Li, L Hartley, TJ Lints, JM Adams, RP Harvey

Genes & Development | COLD SPRING HARBOR LAB PRESS | Published : 1996


The divergent murine homeo box gene Hlx is expressed in restricted hematopoietic cell types and, during embryogenesis, prominently in visceral mesenchyme of the developing liver, gall bladder, and gut. Targeted disruption of the gene has now established that it plays a key role in visceral organogenesis. Embryos homozygous for the mutation died around embryonic day 15 with anemia and severe hypoplasia of the liver and gut. Liver ontogeny commenced normally with formation of the liver diverticulum and differentiation of hepatocytes, but the organ failed to expand and reached only 3% of normal size. The apparent liver hypoplasia was not associated with a notable increase in apoptotic cells. Gu..

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