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Promoter elements of vav drive transgene expression in vivo throughout the hematopoietic compartment

S Ogilvy, D Metcalf, L Gibson, ML Bath, AW Harris, JM Adams

Blood | AMER SOC HEMATOLOGY | Published : 1999


To develop a method for targeting expression of genes to the full hematopoietic system, we have used transgenic mice to explore the transcriptional regulation of the vav gene, which is expressed throughout this compartment but rarely outside it. Previously, we showed that a cluster of elements surrounding its promoter could drive hematopoietic-specific expression of a bacterial lacZ reporter gene, but the expression was confined to lymphocytes and was sporadically silenced. Those limitations are ascribed here to the prokaryotic reporter gene. With a human CD4 (hCD4) cell surface reporter, the vav promoter elements drove expression efficiently and stably in virtually all nucleated cells of ad..

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