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Effect of hypophysectomy on protein synthetic-activity of free and bound hepatic ribosomes from insulin-deficient rats.

FP Alford, PS Cook, GM Reaven

Diabetologia | Published : 1975


Acute insulin deficiency in rats results in a decrease in the in vitro protein synthetic activity of isolated hepatic membrane-bound ribosomes and an increase in activity of free ribosomes. These changes are prevented by concomitant insulin treatment and are reversed by the administration of insulin. The current study evaluated the role of the pituitary in the genesis of these changes. The severity of diabetes produced by streptozotocin was less in hypophysectomized (Hx) rats, and in Hx rats receiving hormone replacement, as compared with similarly streptozotocin-treated intact rats. Although acute insulin deficiency in intact rats produced the previously described increase in protein synthe..

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