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Temporal patterns of integrated plasma hormone levels during sleep and wakefulness. I. Thyroid-stimulating hormone, growth hormone and cortisol.

FP Alford, HW Baker, HG Burger, DM De Kretser, B Hudson, MW Johns, JP Masterton, YC Patel, GC Rennie

J Clin Endocrinol Metab | Published : 1973


Plasma levels of TSH, GH and cortisol were determined overnight in 4 healthy adults and over 48 hr in 1 man using a continuous blood sampling technique and polygraphic sleep monitoring. GH levels rose after sleep onset in 3 subjects and correlated with slow wave (Stage 3 & 4) sleep. Correlations between cortisol levels and sleep and wakefulness were found but there was no relationship between changes in TSH levels and sleep stage. While there were negative correlations in time between TSH and cortisol concentrations, consistent with inverse circadian rhythms, there were short-term fluctuations in the levels of both hormones which were positively correlated in the 4 overnight studies. © 1973 ..

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