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The significance and interpretation of mildly abnormal oral glucose tolerance.

FP Alford, FI Martin, MJ Pearson

Diabetologia | Published : 1971


Intravenous glucose tolerance, release of immunoreactive insulin and the hypog'lycaemic response to exogenous insulin were investigated in nine normal, fifteen maturity-onset diabetic and twenty-five subjects (equivocal group) with a mild abnormality of oral glucose tolerance (Fasting blood glucose < 110 mg%, and two hour levels < 170 mg%). - Intravenous glucose tolerance (-KG.T.T.) and insulin sensitivity (KI.T.T.) of subjects in the equivocal group ranged from normal to low values, but were significantly different from the normal and frank diabetic groups. Within the equivocal group, eleven subjects had normal, eight diabetic and six borderline KG.T.T. values. - Plasma insulin responses wi..

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