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Characteristics of membrane-bound and free hepatic ribosomes from insulin-deficient rats. I. Acute experimental diabetes mellitus.

DT Peterson, FP Alford, EP Reaven, I Ueyama, GM Reaven

Journal of Clinical Investigation | Published : 1973


Membrane-bound and free ribosomes were prepared by discontinuous density gradient centrifugation from livers of rats 2-3 days after receiving alloxan (75 mg/kg) or streptozotocin (100 mg/kg). Hepatocytes from these animals were also examined by electron microscopy and subjected to quantitative morphometric analysis. The results indicated that the two populations of hepatic ribosomes respond differently to acute insulin deficiency. There was an overall reduction (P < 0.001) in total number of bound ribosomes per volume cytoplasm: the remaining bound ribosomes underwent a shift to smaller-sized ribosomal messenger RNA (mRNA) aggregates (P < 0.02); and the proteinsynthetic activity of these bou..

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