Journal article

Glucagon levels in normal and diabetic subjects: use of a specific immunoabsorbent for glucagon radioimmunoassay.

FP Alford, SR Bloodm, JD Nabarro

Diabetologia | Published : 1977


Non-specific plasma effects may produce major errors in the estimation of true plasma pancreatic glucagon concentrations by radioimmunoassay. This has been circumvented by the production of glucagon-free plasma for each individual investigated, by means of glucagon antibody, coupled to sepharose beads. True fasting pancreatic glucagon levels (mean+/-SEM) in 18 healthy subjects (24+/-3 pg/ml) were significantly lower (p less than .005) than in 10 non-ketotic non-obese diabetics (38+/-3 pg/ml). It is suggested that, in the presence of decreased insulin-effect in the diabetic, this 55% glucagon elevation in diabetics may be of biological importance and contribute to the fasting hyperglycaemia.

University of Melbourne Researchers