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In vivo glucose metabolism, insulin secretion and, insulin action in Europids with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) and their first-degree relatives.

H Beck-Nielsen, JE Henriksen, F Alford, O Hother-Nielson

Diabetic Medicine | Published : 1996


In this review we will mainly concentrate on the most common form of NIDDM in Europe, namely the form linked to overweight, arterial hypertension, dyslipoproteinaemia and coronary heart disease (CHD)-the Insulin Resistance Syndrome (IRS). This form of NIDDM seems to be growing epidemically world wide following the industrial growth or the 'cocacolanization', as it has been mentioned. Around 2-3% of the population in Europe suffers from this disease, but for subjects beyond 60 years of age the prevalence is 5-20%. Thus, we face an enormous economical, social, and humanitarian challenge. Therefore it is important to continue the research on aetiology and pathophysiology of this syndrome. The r..

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