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Hyperglycemia and glucagon suppression: possible importance of the vagus and enteric humoral factors.

DM Findlay, S Omond, FP Alford, DJ Chisholm

The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism | Published : 1979


Augmentation of insulin release after oral glucose by a gastrointestinal humoral mechanism is well accepted. The suggestion of a similar mechanism for suppression of glucagon release after oral glucose has not been previously tested. In this study, plasma glucagon levels have been estimated in five normal subjects after both oral and iv administration of glucose. A variable iv glucose infusion rate with frequent monitoring of blood glucose was used to match the hyperglycemia produced by the 50 g oral glucose and the iv glucose loads. Virtually complete suppression of plasma glucagon levels was seen in both cases (nadir of glucagon levels 16 +/- 6 pg/ml for oral glucose; 11.4 +/- 3 pg/ml for ..

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