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Glucagon metabolism in normal subjects and in cirrhotic patients before and after portasystemic venous shunt surgery.

FP Alford, FJ Dudley, DJ Chisholm, DM Findlay

Clinical Endocrinology | Published : 1979


The effect of portasystemic shunt surgery on basal immunoreactive glucagon (IRG) levels, metabolic clearance rate (MCR) and t 1/2 for glucagon decay, and basal systemic delivery rate (BSDR) of glucagon was investigated in paired studies in ten cirrhotic subjects. The degree of hepatocellular dysfunction and extent of portasystemic venous shunting was also recorded. Basal IRG levels were highest in the post-shunt (mean +/- SEM, 382 +/- 73 pg/ml) as compared to the pre-shunt (213 +/- 27 pg/ml; P less than 0.05) cirrhotic and control (53 +/- 13 pg/ml; P less than 0.005) groups. The MCR of glucagon was similar in control (13.0 +/- 1.3 ml/kg/min) and pre-shunt cirrhotic patients (13.3 +/- 1.7 ml/..

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