Journal article

Formation of cyclic AMP from exogenous ATP by isolated hepatocytes and adipocytes.

MJ Crooke, E Allan, N Pattinson, JG Sneyd

Biochim Biophys Acta | Published : 1980


Suspensions of isolated rat hepatocytes and adipocytes converted exogenous ATP to cyclic AMP at a rate which was about 30--50% of that observed with homogenates of isolated cells. Formation of cyclic AMP was stimulated by hormones (isoprenaline in the case of adipose tissue and glucagon in the case of liver) and sodium fluoride. Experiments with [alpha-32P]ATP indicated that the conversion of exogenous ATP to cyclic AMP did not occur within the cells. It is proposed that in isolated hepatocytes ad adipocytes some catalytic units of adenylate cyclase are exposed on the outer surface of the cell membrane.