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Effect of treatment of rats with dexamethasone in vivo on gluconeogenesis and metabolite compartmentation in subsequently isolated hepatocytes.

EH Allan, MA Titheradge

Biochem J | Published : 1984


Hepatocytes prepared from rats treated with dexamethasone for 2 or 3h and maintained in the presence of 10 microM-dexamethasone in the preparation and incubation buffers showed significantly elevated rates of gluconeogenesis compared with those prepared from control animals. Dexamethasone treatment also increased the sensitivity of the cells to glucagon and the catecholamines. Analysis of the concentrations of metabolites in the gluconeogenic pathway indicated that dexamethasone decreased the intracellular concentration of pyruvate and increased those of phosphoenolpyruvate, acetyl-CoA and citrate, suggesting a stimulation of the reaction(s) converting pyruvate into phosphoenolpyruvate. This..

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