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Energy-dependent activation and magnesium--dependent inactivation of hepatocyte hormone-sensitive phosphodiesterase.

S Boyes, EH Allan, EG Loten

Biochim Biophys Acta | Published : 1981


Incubation of solubilized hormone-activated phosphodiesterase from isolated hepatocytes, under conditions likely to favour a dephosphorylation reaction, did not cause a loss of the hormone activation. If, however, the enzyme was incubated with Mg2+ (10 mM) while still associated with its membrane, and subsequently solubilized, the activity of the hormone-stimulated enzyme declined to the level seen in control cells. Diminution of hepatocyte ATP levels to about 20% of control values, by incubation with fructose, blunted the effect of glucagon and abolished the effect of insulin on phosphodiesterase. More severe ATP depletion caused by dinitrophenol abolished the stimulation of the enzyme by b..

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