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The stimulation of glycogenolysis in isolated hepatocytes by opioid peptides.

RP Leach, EH Allan, MA Titheradge

Biochem J | Published : 1985


Addition of the opioid peptides, [Leu]enkephalin and [Met]enkephalin, to isolated hepatocytes was shown to produce a stimulation of glycogenolysis comparable with that observed in the presence of maximal concentrations of glucagon, adrenaline or angiotensin. This stimulation was demonstrated to be the result of an activation of phosphorylase by a rapid Ca2+-dependent mechanism and was not decreased by the presence or either alpha- or beta-adrenergic antagonists, although it was dependent on the presence of the N-terminal tyrosine residue in the enkephalin molecule. It is suggested that this may be further evidence for specific opioid receptors in the liver. Addition of [Leu]enkephalin also i..

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