Journal article

Nipple pain, mastalgia and candidiasis in the lactating breast.

LH Amir, S Pakula

Aust N Z J Obstet Gynaecol | Published : 1991


During lactation, persistently sore nipples or shooting breast pain in the absence of local or systemic signs may be symptoms of C. albicans infection of the nipples and/or breast ducts. The nipple may be erythematous or fissured, but the appearance does not resemble oral or vaginal candidiasis. Case 1 is a woman with sore nipples following a course of antibiotics. Case 2 is a woman with severe shooting breast pain which was worsened by antibiotic treatment. Treatment included topical and oral antifungal treatment for the mother in conjunction with an 'anti-candida' diet. The infant's mouth was also treated to prevent reinfection.