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A protective role for protease-activated receptors in the airways.

TM Cocks, B Fong, JM Chow, GP Anderson, AG Frauman, RG Goldie, PJ Henry, MJ Carr, JR Hamilton, JD Moffatt

Nature | Published : 1999


The protection of cells in the upper intestine against digestion by pancreatic trypsin depends on the prostanoid prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) and is mediated by protease-activated receptors in the epithelium. As the airway epithelium is morphologically similar and also expresses one of these receptors, PAR2, and is a major source of PGE2, we reasoned that bronchial epithelial PAR2 might also participate in prostanoid-dependent cytoprotection in the airways. Here we show that activation of PAR2, which co-localizes immunohistochemically with trypsin(ogen) in airway epithelium, causes the relaxation of airway preparations from mouse, rat, guinea-pig and humans by the release of a cyclooxygenase prod..

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