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[The effect of specific virus delivering of Langerhans cell for the M-tropic HIV infection].

Wei-min Shi, Paul U Cameron, Damian JF Purcell

National Medical Journal of China | Published : 2003


OBJECTIVE: To observe the cellular mechanism of via skin infection of Microphage tropic (M-tropic) HIV and further differentiate the infection of M-tropic and T-tropic HIV. METHODS: DNA clone of AD8 and NL43 was respectively transfected to skin by Gene Gun, The expression of virus in the epidermal cells was observed by flow-cytometry and fluoroscope. Emigrating cells were Mac-sorted into CD80+ and CD80-. The infection of CD4+ T lymphocytes by HIV from emigrating cells were further assessed by PCR and RT assay. RESULTS: Through direct transfection of skin by Gene Gun, emigrating cells from skin showed transfection of AD8 and NL43 and the gag gene can be amplified from the cells. Only AD8 tran..

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