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A deterministic model predicts the properties of stochastic calcium oscillations in airway smooth muscle cells.

Pengxing Cao, Xiahui Tan, Graham Donovan, Michael J Sanderson, James Sneyd

PLoS Computational Biology | Published : 2014


The inositol trisphosphate receptor ([Formula: see text]) is one of the most important cellular components responsible for oscillations in the cytoplasmic calcium concentration. Over the past decade, two major questions about the [Formula: see text] have arisen. Firstly, how best should the [Formula: see text] be modeled? In other words, what fundamental properties of the [Formula: see text] allow it to perform its function, and what are their quantitative properties? Secondly, although calcium oscillations are caused by the stochastic opening and closing of small numbers of [Formula: see text], is it possible for a deterministic model to be a reliable predictor of calcium behavior? Here, we..

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