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Perceptions of the effect of an impending restaurant smoking ban on dining-out experience.

M Wakefield, L Roberts, C Miller

Prev Med | Published : 1999


BACKGROUND: The introduction of bans on smoking in restaurants is frequently marred by claims that they will lead to a loss of business. METHODS: A representative sample of 3,019 South Australians age 15+ years were asked questions about dining-out frequency and perceived effects of the ban on their dining-out enjoyment and restaurant patronage. RESULTS: Sixty-one percent thought the ban would make dining out more enjoyable, 5% thought it would be less enjoyable, and 34% thought it would make no difference. Overall, 82% thought the ban would make no difference to their likelihood of dining out, 14% would be more likely to dine out, and 4% would be less likely. CONCLUSIONS: These data suggest..

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