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Prospects for smoking cessation among people with insulin-dependent diabetes.

M Wakefield, L Roberts, E Rosenfeld

Patient Educ Couns | Published : 1998


As part of an initiative to develop a smoking cessation resource tailored to the needs of smokers with diabetes, we undertook a survey of 223 people with insulin-dependent diabetes (IDDM) aged 15-40 years, 54 of whom were smokers. Smokers had high levels of awareness that smoking increases the risk of heart and peripheral vascular disease, but were less aware of the risk of microvascular complications. Nearly half of the smokers had other members of the household who were smokers, and 56% indicated they would expect to receive no more than a little encouragement from friends and family members to quit. Concern about weight gain and dietary adherence was a barrier to quitting smoking for appr..

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