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Ag2SO4 decorated with fluorescent Ag-n nanoclusters

Cheng Fang, Joseph George Shapter, Nicolas Hans Voelcker, Amanda Vera Ellis



Here we report on the production of an Ag 2 SO 4 /Ag 2 O mixed-grain powder during the anodization of Ag foil in a HF-H 2 SO 4 electrolyte. We propose that there are three competing reactions during the anodization process: (i) the production of Ag 2 O at the Ag foil anode surface from the presence of water in the electrolyte, (ii) the dissolution of the Ag 2 O in the presence of HF releasing Ag + ions, (iii) the precipitation of Ag + and SO 42- ions, as Ag 2 SO 4 on the Ag foil anode surface. This co-precipitation/dissolution process ultimately results in a mixed-grain powder. We then show that the Ag 2 O embedded within the mixed-grain is photo-decomposed to produce highly fluorescent silv..

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University of Melbourne Researchers


Funding Acknowledgements

The authors kindly acknowledge funding support from the CSIRO Flagship Collaboration Fund. Dr. Nobuyuki Kawashima and Dr. Andrew Michelmore from University of South Australia (Mawson Lake) are greatly appreciated for their help with the XRD and XPS experiments.