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Growth partitioning in forest stands is affected by stand density and summer drought in sessile oak and Douglas-fir

Raphael Trouve, Jean-Daniel Bontemps, Catherine Collet, Ingrid Seynave, Francois Lebourgeois



Context: Growth partitioning among trees in forest stands is pivotal to silviculture, making it crucial to understand its control by factors such as stand development, stand density, or thinning. Since growth partitioning primarily depends on the partitioning of environmental resources among individuals, climatic change further calls for extending this framework to explicit climatic factors. Recent debate on adapting management to such changes also requires larger density gradients to be encompassed. Methods: We primarily aimed to investigate the effects of stand density and climatic factors on growth partitioning, in even-aged stands of sessile oak and Douglas-fir, two species currently man..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We thank the National Forest Office and the French Ministry for Forests, Agriculture and Fisheries for providing funds to conduct this research. We also thank the "cooperative de donnees sur la croissance des peuplements forestiers" as well as Claudine Richter and Alain Bailly, heads of the oak and Douglas-fir working groups, for maintaining the permanent research plot network. We also wish to acknowledge Sebastien Daviller and Fabien Spicher for the field work and the two anonymous reviewers for their helpful comments.