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Changes in physical activity during a weight loss intervention and follow-up: a randomized controlled trial.

NR Fuller, K Williams, R Shrestha, AL Ahern, C Holzapfel, H Hauner, SA Jebb, ID Caterson

Clinical Obesity | Published : 2014


Physical activity is an important component in weight loss treatment and weight maintenance. We evaluated the physical activity component of two weight loss programmes, either standard care (SC) as defined by national guidelines, or a commercial programme (CP; Weight Watchers) over the period of weight loss and follow-up. 772 adults (mean body mass index: 31.4 ± 2.6 kg m(-2)) were recruited by primary care practices in Australia, the United Kingdom, and Germany, and randomly assigned to 12 months SC, or the CP. They were then followed up at 24 months. Change in physical activity levels were assessed by the International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ)-short form, and pedometer recordi..

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