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Multilingual semantic resources and parallel corpora in the biomedical domain: The CLEF-ER challenge

D Rebholz-Schuhmann, S Clematide, F Rinaldi, S Kafkas, EM Van Mulligen, C Bui, J Hellrich, I Lewin, D Milward, M Poprat, A Jimeno-Yepes, U Hahn, JA Kors

CEUR Workshop Proceedings | Published : 2013


Multilingual terminological resources can be drawn from parallel corpora in the languages of interest, possibly exploiting machine translation solutions for term identification. This main objective of the CLEF-ER challenge involves parallel corpora in English and other languages. The challenge organisers have gathered and normalized documents from the biomedical domain: titles from scientific articles, drug labels from the European Medicines Agency, and patent texts from the European Patent Office. The parallel units have been identified, marked-up and formatted for future use. The three different corpora show comparable sizes. In preparation of the CLEF-ER challenge, the documents have been..

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