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Text processing through Web services: calling Whatizit.

Dietrich Rebholz-Schuhmann, Miguel Arregui, Sylvain Gaudan, Harald Kirsch, Antonio Jimeno

Bioinformatics | Published : 2008


MOTIVATION: Text-mining (TM) solutions are developing into efficient services to researchers in the biomedical research community. Such solutions have to scale with the growing number and size of resources (e.g. available controlled vocabularies), with the amount of literature to be processed (e.g. about 17 million documents in PubMed) and with the demands of the user community (e.g. different methods for fact extraction). These demands motivated the development of a server-based solution for literature analysis. Whatizit is a suite of modules that analyse text for contained information, e.g. any scientific publication or Medline abstracts. Special modules identify terms and then link them t..

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