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A TME study with the fungicide pyrimethanil combined with different moisture regimes: effects on enchytraeids.

Cornelia Bandow, Ee Ling Ng, Rüdiger M Schmelz, José Paulo Sousa, Jörg Römbke

Ecotoxicology | Published : 2016


Today's ecosystems are influenced by different factors that could evolve into stressors. Effects of pesticides, especially in agricultural areas, may interact with environmental factors, such as soil moisture fluctuation caused by global climate change. In this contribution, two semi-field studies conducted in Germany and Portugal with terrestrial model ecosystems are presented. Their aim was to assess the effects of the fungicide pyrimethanil under different soil moisture levels on Enchytraeidae. In Portugal a no observed effect concentration design was chosen, using two concentration levels: the maximum application rate (MAR) according to the safe use registration within the European Union..

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