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Does altered rainfall regime change pesticide effects in soil? A terrestrial model ecosystem study from Mediterranean Portugal on the effects of pyrimethanil to soil microbial communities under extremes in rainfall

EL Ng, C Bandow, DN Proença, S Santos, R Guilherme, PV Morais, J Römbke, JP Sousa

Applied Soil Ecology | Published : 2014


In this century, agroecosystems are subjected to multiple global change stressors acting in concert such as alterations in rainfall regimes and pesticide use. Alterations in rainfall regimes, characterised by more extreme intra-annual rainfall regimes, have been forecasted for the Mediterranean region. At the same time, the use of pesticides continues to rise. Here, we report the responses of soil microbial community to a model pesticide, i.e., fungicide pyrimethanil (PYR) under altered rainfall regimes (i.e., drought and heavy rainfall) two and eight weeks after PYR application. We measured the functional responses as enzyme activities, potential nitrification and BIOLOG carbon substrate ut..

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