Journal article

TMDL for phosphorus and contributing factors in subtropical watersheds of southern China

Cen Meng, Yuyuan Li, Yi Wang, Wen Yang, Junxia Jiao, Meihui Wang, Manyi Zhang, Yong Li, Jinshui Wu

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment | SPRINGER | Published : 2015


Water eutrophication, particularly that caused by phosphorus runoff, is of major concern in China due to the serious threats it poses to watershed environments. We investigated one forested and nine agricultural watersheds with areas of 9-5212 ha in a hilly region of Hunan Province in a subtropical region of southern China from 2010 to 2012 to study total phosphorus (TP) loads and contributing factors. The annual TP loads varied from 35.7 to 222.1 kg P km(-2) year(-1) among the different watersheds, with the rainy season of spring and summer accounting for 56.3-82.0% of TP loss. The highest total maximum daily load (TMDL, 0.5 kg P km(-2) day(-1)) and existing exported daily TP loads (DTPL, 1..

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