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Distribution and morphology of amphibian extra-adrenal chromaffin tissue.

CE Hill, H Watanabe, G Burnstock

Cell and Tissue Research | Published : 1975


1. The distribution and morphology of chromaffin cells in the para-aortic region and in the ganglia of the paravertebral sympathetic chain was studied with fluorescence histochemistry and electron microscopy. 2. Four types of chromaffin cell were distinguished largely on the basis of their vesicular content: Type I cells contain large, electron-dense vesicles (600-7000 A) and are comparable to noradrenaline-containing cells in the adrenal gland, Type II cells contain large, vesicles (600-7000 A) that are filled with a less electron-dense material than that in Type I cells and are comparable to adrenaline-containing cells in the adrenal gland, Type III cells contain smaller vesicles (1000-300..

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