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Purinergic signalling to rat ovarian smooth muscle: Changes in P2X receptor expression during pregnancy

H Katugampola, G Burnstock

Cells Tissues Organs | KARGER | Published : 2004


The expression of P2X and P2Y receptor subtypes in the smooth muscle of the rat ovary during the oestrus cycle and pregnancy was examined using immunohistochemistry. RT-PCR studies of P2X receptor mRNA were also carried out. In the non-pregnant rats, P2X2 receptor protein was dominant in the smooth muscle of perifollicular rings and blood vessels. P2X1 protein expression was seen on vascular smooth muscle too, but little, if any, was present on perifollicular smooth muscle. No changes in P2X1 or P2X2 receptor expression were seen during the oestrous cycle. During early and mid-late pregnancy, there was a switch from P2X2 to P2X1 receptor protein expression in the smooth muscle of the perifol..

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