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Vasoconstriction of intrapulmonary arteries to P2-receptor nucleotides in normal and pulmonary hypertensive newborn piglets.

MR McMillan, G Burnstock, SG Haworth

British Journal of Pharmacology | Published : 1999


1. The vasoconstrictor responses of isolated intrapulmonary arteries (IPA) to P2-receptor agonists was investigated during adaptation to extrauterine life in the normal piglet and the effect of pulmonary hypertension was studied following exposure of newborn animals to chronic hypobaric hypoxia (51 kPa) for 3 days. 2. At resting tone, alpha,beta-methyleneATP (alpha,beta-meATP) (P2X-receptor agonist) contracted intrapulmonary arteries from adult, but not immature pigs, and repeated application desensitized the response. 3. Adenosine 5'-triphosphate (ATP) induced endothelium-independent relaxation at low concentrations at all ages, a variable contractile response to high concentrations develop..

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