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Junctional subsurface organs in frog sympathetic ganglion cells.

H Watanabe, G Burnstock

Brain Cell Biology | Published : 1976


Subsurface cisternae in frog sympathetic ganglion cells were studied and shown to have similar features to those of the C.N.S. A number of special features were, however, revealed by high resolution microscopy. Highly flattened subsurface cisternae occurred in close proximity to the ganglion cell membrane and formed structures comparable to gap junctions. These subsurface cisternae appeared to be elongated plates (about 0.3 X 2.5 mum) specifically restricted to the area of the ganglion cell membrane adjacent to nerve endings, although often with the intervention of a thin satellite sheath. Thus they have been termed here 'junctional subsurface organs', although the nerve terminals opposing ..

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