Journal article

[Ecto-ATPases and receptors for ATP].

AU Ziganshin, LE Ziganshina, D Zh Burnstok

Экспериментальная и клиническая фармакология | Published : 1997


Although enzymes which metabolize extracellular ATP (ecto-ATPases) have been described long ago, it has only recently become clear that such enzymes play an especially important role in cells possessing ATP receptors (P2-purinoceptors). In this review the authors characterize common features of ecto-ATPases, underlining the differences between these enzymes and other ATP-metabolizing enzymes. The authors also review their own recent studies dealing with the effects of various compounds on enzyme activity and on P2-purinoceptor-mediating responses. Since most known P2-purinoceptor antagonists inhibit ecto-ATPase activity, it is important to search for selective P2-purinoceptor antagonists as ..

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