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A criterion for convergence to super-Brownian motion on path space

Remco van der Hofstad, Mark Holmes, Edwin A Perkins

Annals of Probability | Institute of Mathematical Statistics | Published : 2017


We give a sufficient condition for tightness for convergence of rescaled critical spatial structures to the canonical measure of super-Brownian motion. This condition is formulated in terms of the r-point functions for r=2,…,5. The r-point functions describe the expected number of particles at given times and spatial locations, and have been investigated in the literature for many high-dimensional statistical physics models, such as oriented percolation and the contact process above 4 dimensions and lattice trees above 8 dimensions. In these settings, convergence of the finite-dimensional distributions is known through an analysis of the r-point functions, but the lack of tightness has been ..

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