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Monitoring drug resistance in chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV)-infected patients during lamivudine therapy: evaluation of performance of INNO-LiPA HBV DR assay.

Anna SF Lok, Fabien Zoulim, Stephen Locarnini, Alessandra Mangia, Grazia Niro, Hilde Decraemer, Geert Maertens, Frank Hulstaert, Karen De Vreese, Erwin Sablon

Journal of Clinical Microbiology | Published : 2002


Sensitive and early detection of emerging hepatitis B virus (HBV) drug resistance may not only help monitor the viral dynamics associated with lamivudine treatment but could also improve therapeutic decision making. This is especially important when new antivirals effective against lamivudine-resistant HBV become available. A total of 159 serum samples from 33 chronic HBV patients receiving lamivudine treatment were analyzed at four centers for the presence of lamivudine-resistant mutations at codons 528 [180] (proposed revised nomenclature according to Stuyver et al. [Hepatology 33:751-757, 2001] shown in brackets), 552 [204], and 555 [207] of the HBV polymerase. Sequencing data were compar..

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