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Hepatitis B virus genotypes, core gene variability and ethnicity in the Pacific region.

Mohammed S Jazayeri, Ashraf A Basuni, Graham Cooksley, Stephen Locarnini, William F Carman

Journal of Hepatology | Published : 2004


BACKGROUND/AIMS: The world-wide distribution of hepatitis B virus (HBV) genotypes follows a geographic pattern under the influence of ethnic background. METHODS: Forty eight core genes from four pacific islands were compared with the following findings. RESULTS: First, island-specific variant substitutions were found for only two out of four islands. Second, 11 amino acid and 90 nucleotide changes specific for pacific genotypes C and D were defined. Third, the nucleotide diversity of genotype C (all but one were silent) was greater than that of genotype D. CONCLUSIONS: These results suggest an early appearance of genotype C in the pacific with few subsequent amino acid changes because of sha..

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