Conference Proceedings

Electrochemical release of immobilized IgG protein

T Mahmud, W Wlodarski, A Mitchell, S Gras, A Trinchi, K Kalantar-Zadeh

MRS Advances | Published : 2007


AbstractIn this paper, we present the electrochemically programmed release of immobilized IgG protein molecules that have been attached to gold coated surfaces via a thiol-gold linkage. Fluorescence microscopy has been used to image the release of fluorescently tagged IgGs in phosphate buffered saline. In this technique, the reductive desorption of self-assembled monolayers is employed for the release of proteins, which are immobilized on the surface either by non-covalent or covalent interactions. The voltage applied for the release of proteins is in a range of -1.5V to -60V.

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