Thesis / Dissertation

Effect of physical activity on progression of cerebrovascular disease in older adults at risk or alzheimer's disease

A Sanderson, P Desmond (ed.), P phal (ed.), C steward (ed.)

Published : 2017


Objective: Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a form of dementia without cure. Dementias are the only condition out of the top 10 causes of mortality worldwide without cure and represent a significant health burden. White matter hyperintensities (WMH) are a biomarker of brain white matter disease, and are associated with a number of neuropsychiatric disorders including dementia. WMH progression has been shown to be reduced by vascular risk factor (VRF) control. Physical activity (PA) has also been shown to slow the progression of WMH, control VRF related disease and has also been shown to reduce cognitive decline. It is therefore postulated that PA can slow WMH progression and could perhaps be a li..

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